盈胜国际娱乐送彩金: BBC's false China-related news reports over the last 2 years

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(责编:孙竞、熊旭)这些气体在运动过程中席卷了尘埃和其它气体,导致丝状卷须的形成。  LANCO兰蔻于1935年诞生于法国,她的创始人阿曼达·珀蒂让先生凭借着对香水的天才敏感嗅觉、执著不懈的冒险精神,以及他立志让法国品牌在当时已被美国品牌垄断的全球化妆品市场占领一席要位的抱负,为世界化妆品历史写下美的一页。  创新骁将争先导,六万精兵竞率先!  注:“悟空”是中科院研制的暗物质探测卫星,2015年12月成功发射。


"Accuracy, fairness and impartiality are at the heart of all the BBC's journalism" used to be a widespread reporting principle of the BBC. However, that principle has not been followed since there have been many untrue China-related reports in the past two years.

Let's have a look at some of them.

January 2021

In a short film on the road back to Central China's Hubei province, released on the BBC's Chinese Twitter account on Jan. 19, the locations of Hubei province and Wuhan city were incorrectly marked as being in the northern Shaanxi provinve of China. Moreover, a video chip of Chinese police practicing a counter-terrorism drill was wrongly described as "police arresting citizens using nets".

December 2020

The BBC released a video news story about forced labor in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. However, nothing in the video was true, as revealed after fact-checking by China's media.

October 2020

The BBC claimed that China forced hundreds of thousands of Uygur people and other ethnic minorities to do hard physical labor in cotton fields in Xinjiang. However, the fact is cotton production in Xinjiang realized high mechanization long ago.

July 2020

A Uygur woman was interviewed on BBC's Newsnight current affairs program, claiming she was forcibly sterilized at an education and training center in Xinjiang. However, what the woman said was false - the fact is she had never studied at a training center in Xinjiang.

October 2019

The BBC claimed 39 people found dead in a truck in a human smuggling case in the UK were Chinese, which was later proven to be a rumor.

The "fairness" has been broken by the BBC itself due to serious content violations. On Feb 11, BBC World News was banned from broadcasting in China.


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