菲律宾申博官网登入: China hopes more foreign media will report Xinjiang in objective, fair manner: spokesperson

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A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson on Monday said that more and more people of insight from the international society have understood the situation in Xinjiang and the Chinese government's policies, and have spoken up for them.

He said it is hoped that more foreign media will report Xinjiang in an objective and fair manner.

Spokesperson Wang Wenbin made the remarks in response to a question on an article released on Feb. 18 on the independent news website Grayzone, which indicated that the U.S. government's "genocide" accusations against China stemmed from a paper by German far-right researcher Adrian Zenz and are rumor-mongering.

Wang said the article, with a large amount of figures and facts, pointed out that Zenz's research is full of data abuse, distortion of information, fabrication of cases, cherry-picking of source materials, and logical contradictions.

The article exposed the true face of Zenz and proved that the "genocide" accusations are absolutely lies, he said.

For some time, Zenz and certain international anti-China forces concocted Xinjiang-related rumors and lies for their own ulterior political purposes, attempting to use fake news to grab attention and vilify China.

"No matter how reworked their deceitful tricks are, they are weak in front of facts," said Wang.

The spokesperson expressed hope that the international community will see clearly the true face of these anti-China forces and will not be baffled by their rumors and lies.

"We hope that certain countries and individuals will face squarely the stability and development of Xinjiang and heed the call of 25 million people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang; and in the mean time, they should read more objective reports on Xinjiang by the international community, and should not turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the reality and be hooked by their own lies."

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