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2021-04-02 13:32:18China Daily Editor : Wang Yifan ECNS App Download

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Li: Measures to deepen reform of govt functions, maintain stable job market

China will roll out new measures to deepen the reform of government functions, in a bid to further energize market players and boost the momentum of development, the State Council executive meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang decided on Wednesday.

The meeting decided on policy steps to create a more enabling employment environment. The number of professions requiring government-approved licenses will be reduced, and certification of vocational skill grades by private bodies will be promoted.

The sound development of new forms of employment will be supported. Occupational injury insurance for flexible employment will be piloted, and the coverage of work injury compensation insurance extended, to safeguard the lawful rights and interests of people engaged in flexible employment.

"While stabilizing full-time employment, we must attach great importance to flexible employment, which holds broad prospects," Li said.

The meeting required streamlining the procedures and reducing the documents, time and fees needed in government reviews of applications. The inspection rate of law-abiding enterprises and low-risk goods will be brought down, and charges at ports will be reduced or merged.

"We should remain clear that the foundation of economic recovery and growth needs to be reinforced, if we are to have sound and steady economic development," Li said.

Domestic demand will be boosted by measures such as overhauling unwarranted restrictions on the cross-city registration of used cars, easing market access for homestays as appropriate and optimizing the supply of public services related to people's livelihoods.

More interprovincial services will be provided for matters closely related to people's daily life. The development of elderly care facilities will be advanced to involve private bodies in expanding their capacities and raising the quality of operations and services.

"Market players need to be enabled to play a primary role," said Li, "Since last year, there has been a significant increase in the number of market players, which now total over 138 million. Over 70 percent are active. We need to support these market players to keep employment stable."

Both deregulation and oversight will be advanced as required. Effective oversight shall serve as a necessary safeguard for administrative streamlining. Regulatory standards and rules will be refined, and a benchmark system for administrative discretion established.

Matters involving people's health and public security will be put under stringent oversight. Reforms of government functions will be deepened to help foster a more vibrant, fair and efficient market.

"Fair competition will be promoted through fair regulation. Market entities can only get a fair shot at opportunity when there is fair competition," Li said.

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